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About Youth

Youth theme, is an attractive theme with a lot of options. A contemporary and elegant layout with a minimum header combined with a remarkably optimized scroll bar. That gives a real blog feeling.

How do I install a theme?


Mega Customizable.

The theme is mega customizable. Everything you see, can be customized to your own preferences.

Minimale Scroll Bar.

The minimale scroll bar fade when you scroll down, so you always have a good overview of your blog.

Adjustable Columns.

Youth configured automatically a two, three or four columns Tumblr theme in one click. Depending on the post size.

Color Pickers.

Background, Background Scroll Bar, Scroll Bar Title, Scroll Bar Links, Scroll Bar Links Hover, Title, Text, Links, Divider, Portrait Border.

Background Transparency.

The background can be put in different transparency's light, none, medium or dark.

Social Media Options.

This theme has 11 social links in possession, it starts with Facebook and goes up to Vimeo.

Portrait And Background.

The background- and portrait image can be put in an uploaded picture. The background image is placed in a fixed position.

Font Style.

The fonts New Cycle, Cabin or palanquin can be use in any font-weight. So you can give a personal touch to your theme.

Infinite Scroll.

New posts generating links automatically when your visitors reaches the bottom of your blog.

Show/Hide Options.

Scroll Bar, Post Hover Gradient, Infinite Scroll, Post Captions, Divider, Portrait Border, Archive Link, Search Bar, Description.

Search Bar.

The search bar is made for an easy search on your blog. Professional designed & looks very helpful.

Post Hover Effect.

The design of the post hover is very special. You can set this in the colours black or white.