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About Suspect

Suspect theme, is made with a stick sidebar. Use Suspect to create a stunning photography showcase. With it's contemporary and elegant layout gives he a clean professional look.

How do I install a theme?


Stick Sidebar.

The stick sidebar is placed in a fixed position, then we created a clean overview. In addition, you always have a view of the information that you need.

Sidebar Upload Image.

You can put a picture on the background of the sidebar, the picture is placed in a cover that keeps your image on high quality.

FrameLooper Description.

The description writes, an perceptive elegance to this theme. An exclusive option.

Font Options.

The fonts Montserrat, Open Sans or Dosis can be use in any font-weight.

Infinite Scrolling.

New posts generating links automatically when your visitors reaches the bottom of your blog.

Social Links.

This theme has 11 social links in possession. Facebook, Bechance, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, dribbble.

Dropdown Selections.

Post Hover Buttons, Sidebar Aligned, Post Width, Post Spacing, Blog Background Transparency, Sidebar Background Transparency, Font, Title Size.

On/Off Options.

Sidebar Background 2, Infinite Scroll, Post Hover Gradient, Post Captions, Portrait Border, Post Border, Description, Search Bar.

Add Custom Links.

You can add 5 custom links with a custom title, so you can redirect to an external url.

Adjustable Colors.

Background, Sidebar Background, Sidebar Background 2, Text, Title, Description, Links, Links Hover, Post Hover Background.

Post Size Options.

The posts on the layout can be fitted in 250px, 350px or 400px. The fit-width system will ensure that your post is optimized.

Search Bar.

The search bar is made for an easy search on your blog. Professional designed & looks very helpful.