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About Seventh

Seventh theme is a modern theme with a minimalist header. The slim navigation ensure a smooth design. In turn gives the header with background an amazing look! It's wide array of customize options offers a stunning ajax-loading, 11 social links and 1 hover style.

How do I install a theme?


Post Loading.

With the built-in ajax loading, browsing through a blog has never been so easy before.


An automatic write option with an elegant touch. A welcome for your visitors.

Border Style.

You can set the border style of the menu bar in dashed, dotted and solid.

Endless Customization.

You can customize 50 options to your own preferences. So you create a personal styling, and give a unique character to your blog.

Content Width.

The post grid will auto adjust the number of columns depending on the post size.

Insanely Options.

A theme with endless options, a optimized minimalist header and a breathtaking charisma. A top theme.

Post Spacing Option.

The place between the images can be fitted in 1px, 5px, 30px or 50px. if you choose to 1px, you create your own cover blog.


The pagination gives a sense of freedom and makes browsing a blog much easier.

Add Header Image.

The header can be placed in an uploaded image. In one click you develop transparency on your header image.

Set Title Size.

You can select a title size of 30px, 40px, 50px or 60px.