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About Nation

Nation theme is a modern theme with a minimalist parralax-header. The slide-in menu ensure a smooth design. In turn gives the parralax-header an amazing look! It's wide array of customize options offers a stunning ajax-loading, adjustable post width and margin.

How do I install a theme?


Ajax loading.

The ajax loading into a fit-width box, he will auto adjust the posts depending on your screen size. So you have an insanely clear theme.

Background - And Header Image.

The background- and header image can be put in an uploaded picture. The header image is placed in a cover box.

Color Pickers.

Background, Header Background, Text, Title, Loading, Post Border, Post Hover Gradient Top, Post Hover Gradient Bottom.

Show/Hide Elements.

Post Hover Gradient, Post Captions, Portrait Border, Post Border. With this option you can enable or disable options inside the Tumblr customizable panel.

Post Hover Effect.

The post hover design is very sleek and looks very professional. We added a hover gradient into the post hover.

Title and Sub Title.

You can set this in the colours you like. So you can give a personal touch to your theme.

Adjustable Post Size.

The posts on the layout can be fitted in 250px, 350px or 400px. The fit-width system will ensure that your post is optimized.

Custom Links.

You can add 5 custom links with a custom title, so you can redirect to an external url.

Minimalist Header.

We gave Nation a minimal-header with a fixed-background, then you get a amazing cover.