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About Motive

Motive comes with a sticky navigation and minimal header-layout. In addition, 45+ font options, 10 social links and 1 hover style. You can customize everything to your own preference.

How do I install a theme?


Ask And Submit Box.

Giving a personal label to these options is optional. In addition, we have designed an elegant slide-in function within the module.

Adjustable Colors.

Header Background, Background, Background 2, Header Gradient One, Header Gradient Two, Menu Bar, Text, Title, Title Background, Title Border.

Minimale Height Header.

The theme is build around a minimale header layout, that along with all the options. The theme has created a well-organized and professional look.

All Post Types.

The posts on the layout can be fitted in 250px, 350px or 400px. The fit-width system will ensure that your post is optimized.

Custom Header Image.

The header can be placed in a custom uploaded image. In one click you develop transparency on your header image.

Infinite Scroll.

New posts generating links automatically when your visitors reaches the bottom of your blog.

5 Custom Links.

You can add 5 custom links with a custom title, redirect to an external url.

Dropdown Selections.

Text, Post Width, post Spacing, Title Size, Post Hover Transparency, Header Transparency.

Loading Animations.

The loading animation is a sleek option and provide an elegant look.

Navigation Bar.

This navigation bar create an overview of your theme, then you are always close to the navigation.

Post Hover Transparency.

You can set the post hover transparency in 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%.


Our pagination helps you find more pages. A professional look to your theme.