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About Cancel

Cancel theme is a sleek theme with a full-height header. The slide-in navigation ensure a smooth design. In turn gives the full-height header an amazing look! It's wide array of customize options offers a stunning ajax-loading, adjustable post width and margin.

How do I install a theme?


Full Height Header.

Cancel is a perfectly organized full-height header theme, along with a slide-in navigation is this theme amazing.

Dropdown Selections.

Post Size, Post Spacing, Social Icons, Post Hover Transparency, Header Transparency, Header Title, Header Sub Title.

Upload Header And Portrait.

The header - and portrait image can be put in an uploaded picture. The header has a sleek slide effect.

Ask And Submit Box.

Giving a personal label to these options is optional. In addition, we have designed an elegant slide-in function within the module.

All Post Size.

The posts on the layout can be fitted in 180px, 250px, 350px, 400px, 600px. The fit-width system will ensure that your post is optimized.

Sidebar Aligned.

The sidebar can be set to the left or right of the screen. Sidebar sections will be auto-sticked to the height of your sidebar.

Framework Loading.

We placed a preload screen in this theme, the first theme with a preload function.

5 Custom Links.

You can add 5 custom links with a custom title, redirect to an external url.

Infinite Scrolling.

New posts generating links automatically when your visitors reaches the bottom of your blog.