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About Actuality

This theme is made with a smart-sidebar and an exclusive mini-scroll header. The theme has more options than the previous and still looks modern. With the sidebar and headercover comes he with a amazing look.

How do I install a theme?


Sidebar Aligned.

The sidebar can be set to the left or right of the screen. Sidebar sections will be auto-sticked to the height of your sidebar.

Minimale Scroll-Topbar.

The minimale scroll-topbar follows you when you scroll down, so you always have a good overview of your blog.

Super Customizable.

The theme is super customizable, there is provided that you can customize all the features to your own preference.

Color Pickers.

Background, Topbar, Header, Sidebar, Post Border, Post Box Background, Text, Headline, Description.

Post Loading Box.

With the insanely organized content is the theme designed to let your content shine.

Font Style Options.

The fonts can be put in +45 Styles. Each font has its own character.

Professional And Clean Appeal.

Actuality has a sleek and elegant design, it's the ideal full-height header theme for business users.


The post will auto adjust the number of columns depending on the your screen size.

Post Size.

Because you can set the post on 250px, 350px and 400px, you can give a personal touch to the theme.

Social Media.

This theme has 11 social links in possession. Facebook, Bechance, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, dribbble.

Header Layout.

Actuality is a perfectly organized header-layout theme, along with a slide-in sidebar is this theme amazing.


The headline can be set in any color you like. It gives an elegant perspective to your theme.

Infinite Scroll.

The theme got also infinite scroll & pagination.